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It Is Possible To Be Happy

Do you remember when life seemed great and you were happy to greet the day? You can feel that way again.

Something is holding you back from feeling the way you want to feel. Self doubt, irrational fears, unwanted emotions, psychosomatic illness, all have as their source the Reactive Mind.

The Reactive Mind is that part of your mind that contains all the painful and emotionally painful incidents in your past. It remains hidden and can affect you and your relationships in present time.

With Dianetics counseling, you are not told what to think. You are guided to address these incidents with special techniques that allow you to uncover what is holding you back and free yourself from their harmful effects.

Introduction to Dianetics

At Hochman and Associates we have been counseling clients of all ages and backgrounds successfully for over 40 years.

Often people are suspicious of offers of help. This is due to past experiences when help was promised, but not delivered. I can assure you that real help is available, and we take great pride in restoring true happiness to our clients. A sampling from our hundreds of success stories can be seen here.

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