About Us

Hochman and Associates have been helping clients to be happy again for over 40 years.  These include  movie and TV stars including Academy Award winners, best selling authors, doctors, professionals, popular and classical music stars., as well as others from many walks of life.

Our select highly trained and experienced counselors use the very effective techniques of Dianetics counseling.We produce consistently marvelous results and take great joy in helping our clients achieve their personal goals.

We are located close to airports, freeways and mountain trails in Granada Hills, California, on the edge of Los Angeles.

Joe Hochman

Joe Hochman has received numerous awards and commendations in the United States for his works in Dianetics including the respected Senior Private Practice Dianetics Counselor award.

Joe has been counseling since 1968. He says his greatest pleasure in life is helping his clients to be truly happy and successful.

annettehochmanalaskaphoto191 Annette Hochman began her training as a counselor in 1970. She has achieved the highest level of advanced training available in her field.  She likes nothing better than to assist people in changing their lives  so that they can become who they really are.

Annette loves to counsel creative people as these people make our future. Everyone has their own creativity.