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Success Story

“Before auditing (counseling) there were hardly any moments of joy, no patience while doing family activities or just being with my children. I had a barrier that was keeping me from enjoying my family and my life.

“Now I’m finding myself singing in the shower like in the old days, and surprisingly enjoying music in my car, while in traffic on a rainy day.

“My children are getting closer to me they even smile more, like if they knew the bad energy I had is fading. It is a great feeling to have part of my own self back again. I can’t wait to have the rest of me.

“Thank you.”

The following is from someone who had been in chronic pain ever since an auto accident 2 years ago and was regularly suppressing the pain with painkillers.

Success Story

“I had nerve pains throughout my left leg. Normally the only thing that takes the pain away is prescription meds. I am so happy to state that after receiving counseling from Joe the pain is currently gone! In fact I have not felt this good (with no pain) for a long time.

“Thanks much Joe!”

Success Story

“The wins I achieved as a result of auditing (counseling) with Joe Hochman involved obtaining a clearer focus for my life, a better understanding of what I want to accomplish and a plan. In addition I feel more capable of achieving my newly realized goals as I am not as ‘weighed down.’ We worked on freeing me from some reactive mind chains which I can only describe as a physical weight. I was uplifted. My chronic depression has all but disappeared. I feel generally happier and purposeful. My relationship has been very even these last few months. The roller coaster ride appears to be over. I am very pleased with my results and have enjoyed meeting with Joe and all his help.”

Success Story

“As of a year ago, I was in a major accident where I broke my back and had massive internal injuries. I felt extremely ill everyday and was stuck at the point where only medication made me feel any better. This combined with other personal issues made completing daily routines a massive struggle.

“About a month ago, I made the choice to try Dianetics and see what it had to offer. I found after only a week of assists that I began feeling much better. Victor helped me escape the withdrawals of the prescribed medications and showed me ways to stop the pain from the accidents.

“Now after one month of assists and auditing, I feel better than I have in a very long time. Even though I was physically healthy for the most part prior to last years accident, I did not feel near as alive and healthy (as) I do now.

“It is still amazing to me, three months ago I was still using my cane, one month ago I felt I had to use medication to stop the pain from the accident.

“Today I am running up to four miles, working out twice a day and I am able to work easily and complete my daily tasks that a month ago seemed impossible.

“My thanks to Victor and Joe for all that you have done to get me to this point. Everyday is much better than the one before.”

Success Story

“Prior to getting auditing (counseling) with Annette and Joe Hochman I had many unanswered questions about why I had certain fears, phobias, and unexplained negative emotions of all sorts… But now after getting auditing I’m more free to be myself and happy again because I was able to uncover and erase much of these bad emotions and fears…
In addition to the auditing helping my mental state, my body is also doing a great deal better! I have been dealing with a pinched nerve starting from my lower back down to my toe and used to have to take an anti inflammatory pill almost every day just to function, but now I have not had to have a pill since the auditing program!!!!

“I have always heard of the benefits of auditing but now I can say first hand that it REALLY works and I so look forward to much more auditing to come!

“Thank you Annette and Joe for everything *!*”

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